Vege Paradise

I miss the garden patch we used to have in Warkworth. It was an ancient vege garden, with raised beds containing huge clumps of rhubarb and massive overgrown plum trees. The grass around the trees would teem with daffodils in the spring time. There was also a citrus tree that by all accounts was half…

Whale Encounter

One of my favourite pictures from 2012 Hamilton Island Race Week, from a trip out on Andiamo with the Oatley’s on a perfectly glassy day.  Perfect. Stillness.

Vatican Angel

I loved this fresco in the Candelabra Gallery of the Vatican Museum.  It was painted by German artist Ludwig Seitz (1844-1908).  The colours in the gown are incredible, iridescent even.  The translation of the Latin phrase in the background is “With the grace of God and the effort of will we obtain the excellence of virtue”.