About Jenni

Jenni Shah…

  • archivist and librarian in training (Masters of Information Management at Curtin University, WA, Australia),
  • wife and mother of three brilliant wee bodies,
  • passionate genealogist,
  • weaver at Wrapt Weaving,
  • writer,
  • photographer,
  • occasional painter,
  • transplated kiwi (now found her way home),
  • outrigger paddler,
  • Jill of many trades, master of some…

2 thoughts on “About Jenni

  1. Hi Jenni – did his birth certificate or death cert. have his parents details on them or even where they came from originally? I mean James Ashmer Mullen Turner… Cheers Rob

    • Hi Rob
      His name is confirmed with his death certificate and will, birth certs of children in NZ and Australia, borough council election results and numerous mentions in the newspaper. His place of birth is given as Jamaica, New York, but I don’t have any leads as to parents or dates. Do you have a connection?

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