James A M Turner Family Group Record

Family Group Record of James Ashmer Mullen Turner (01 May 2016)

James Ashmer Mullen TURNER
b. Between 1830 and 1836, Jamaica, Long Island, Queens, New York, USA
d. 26 May 1895, Wellington, New Zealand

b. Betw 1833-1835, New York, New York, USA
m. 1857, New York, New York, USA
d. Bef 1870, prob New Zealand

+Unknown LARKIN
m. Bef 1856
d. Bef 1856, USA

William James LARKIN  (AKA William James TURNER)
b. Abt 1852, New York, New York, USA

John Henry Christopher TURNER
b. 21 Oct 1859, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
m. Margaret JOHNSON, 17 Jan 1889, Dunedin, New Zealand
d. 30 Jul 1923, Wellington, New Zealand
Anne Catherine TURNER
b. 4 Sep 1862, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
m. Conrad Christian August WILKENNING, 11 Aug 1886, Hokitika, New Zealand
d. 22 Dec 1934, Wellington, New Zealand

+Catherine “Kate” SIMPSON
b 1840, Leitrim, Mohill County, Ireland,
m. 8 Sep 1870, Westport, New Zealand,
d. 3 Oct 1915, Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

+Henry SODAN
m. 4 Mar 1859, Mohill, County Longford, Ireland
d. 1859-61, Ireland
+Thomas DORAN
m. 2 Sep 1861, Klylafs, Longford, Ireland

Unknown DORAN
b. Abt 1863, Ireland

Margaretta TURNER
b. 27 Jun 1868, Westport, New Zealand
d. 2 Aug 1868, Westport, New Zealand
Thomas Simpson TURNER
b. 11 Jul 1869, Westport, New Zealand
m. Maud COOKE, 1894, Wellington, New Zealand
d. 15 Sep 1897, Nelson, New Zealand
Florence Jane TURNER
b. 1870, Picton, New Zealand
m. Charles William GALPIN, 9 Dec 1896, Wellington, New Zealand
d. 20 Sep 1950, Wanganui, New Zealand
Alfred Robert TURNER
b. 13 Jan 1872, Westport, New Zealand
m. Margaret Anne Elizabeth Doull, 24 Oct 1894, Wellington, New Zealand
m. Florence Kate BEALE, 1922, New Zealand
m. Louisa CLEWS, Abt 1945, New Zealand
d. 16 Feb 1953, Auckland, New Zealand
George Anthony TURNER
b. 26 Jul 1874, Westport, New Zealand
m. Harriet BODDY, 29 Jul 1896, Auckland, New Zealand
d. 4 Aug 1950, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Edward Charles TURNER
b. 31 Oct 1876, Hokitika, , , New Zealand
m. Florence Henrietta WRIGHT, 1900, New Zealand
d. 1919, Kaikoura, New Zealand
Margaretta Maude TURNER
b. 25 Nov 1878, Hokitika, New Zealand
m. Edward George SCOTT, 1899, New Zealand
d. 1959, New Zealand
Mabel Eleanor TURNER
b. 2 Mar 1881, Hokitika, New Zealand
d. 16 Apr 1895, Hokitika, New Zealand
Madeline Henrietta Bertha TURNER
b. 19 Jul 1884, Hokitika, New Zealand
m. Arthur CLARKE, 22 Jul 1914, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
d. 1950, Wellington, New Zealand

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