Ruling the Roost ~or~ How to Survive Childhood

Another cracking post from Kassie Ritman. It brings back faint memories of playing on building sites as my parent built almost all our family homes. Climbing the naked timber framework, chasing possums down half built hallways…the more I think on this, the more that starts to come back.

Lets take a pause from writing about our long lost ancestors and make a note of our own stories…


Maybe someone should write that down...

Angelic. Check out that hood ornament! Angelic. Check out that hood ornament!

Who by this time has NOT seen the internet meme that doles out the list of what we kiddos of a certain vintage were able to “survive.” Stuff like playing outdoors until the streetlamps came on, cars without seat belts, saccharin laced Tab cola, red dye #5, and a plethora of other dangers, poisonous weaponry passed off as toys, and ways our mothers laid us down for naps.

I’ve come to task you with a challenge– to take a trip headlong down memory lane. This is one of those projects you can use either way. It can be left behind as a love-note to future family historians generations in advance, or you can do some digging and write about an ancestor’s point of view.

Today, tell your blank page about your childhood, or that of a loved one who also survived it. By…

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