So Write Like It’s Your Job

 “Even if the only shift you can manage for your job as a writer is a scant 20 minutes per day, don’t squander the time with the equivalent of break-room chatter, laziness or habitual leaning like the perpetual “ne’r do well” (look that one up some day when there’s nothing to do). Use and cherish every opportune moment to get your Genealogy stories written and make them come dancing off the page.”

Too Blimin Right!!!

So Write Like It’s Your Job.

4 thoughts on “So Write Like It’s Your Job

  1. Oh thanks for the re-blog! This is a post that seems to have struck a chord for a lot of people in different ways, Maybe it’s really less about writing and more about doing what you love, even if it’s easier to just put it off 🙂

    • My pleasure. It is so easy to be distracted in today’s world, and the easiest place to be distracted is on the computer! I find myself going off on tangents all the time, and have to plant both feet on the floor and tell myself “Just Do It!”

    • Must some of my English heritage creeping out! It doesn’t have quite the immediacy of other words, with juicy hard consonants, but it’s a little more gentile….

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