Family History – Sharing It With The World

I have been researching my family history for 15 years now, since before our kids were born.  I promised myself (and the family) that I would eventually write a book…and so I started.  I have divided the story into four parts, one for each of my grandparents.  I now have a pretty tidy draft completed of my maternal grandfather’s family, the Turners.  I have found myself sitting on it for a while now, and in an attempt to give myself a kick in the pants I have decided to use this blog as a means of writing the final final draft, referenced and fleshed out (too many facts and not enough colour so far…) so I can get each part signed off.  Then I can finally send it to Blurb and get it printed…and start on the next book.

So I will post each section as I go and edit it as I go.  It is an experiment so far as being part of the writing process.  It is also a HUGE step for me to be sharing so much of my blood, sweat and research tears with whoever wants to read it.  Any genealogist will tell you that allowing others to access ‘your’ material is difficult.  One look at will show you the genealogy conundrum – one black and white record can lead to a hundred different conclusions and assumptions, and while I am as sure as I can be that my own conclusions are accurate (and any assumptions or doubts are clearly marked), other researchers WILL take my information and make of it what they will.  I ACCEPT that I cannot control that, and I will remain SATISFIED that my own work stands on it’s own two feet and will continue to do so.  So there.

Let the journey begin!

Family Tree

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