TROVE – ANZIA Innovation Winner 2012



National Library of Australia


TROVE is an incredible tool unlocking access to a massive array of incredible resources.  TROVE, run by the National Library of Australia, is much more than a search service.  It provides access to newspapers, books, manuscripts, pictures and maps.  It opens up access to the deep web, provides and searches though full-text content and opens a portal to Australia’s present and past.

The Australia New Zealand Internet Awards described TROVE as providing a “fun, slick, dynamic discovery experience for the user” and “a terrific resource for professional and amateur social researchers”.  This is where my ‘love affair’ with TROVE comes in.  TROVE supplies me with full-text searching across nearly 76 MILLION digitised articles from newspapers across Australia, but more importantly allows me, and the rest of the TROVE community, to make text corrections and notations to the computer generated OCR so that the information within TROVE is constantly improved and enhanced.


My latest find in TROVE came from the Brisbane Courier Mail regarding an elusive grandmother…Another window to the past opened, now I just need to look through it and see what else I can see.


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