Slice of Heaven

I picked a random track to play from my iTunes library and couldn’t stop the smile that crept over my face.  Dave Dobbyn & Herbs: Slice of Heaven, on the compilation album Ten Guitars 3.
Any Kiwi who was hiding from the summer of 1987 in a movie theatre will remember Footrot Flats.  Heck, any Kiwi will be able to tell you about Murray Ball’s comic strip creation showing life down on the farm with Wal and Dog and the rest of the tribe.  It even spawned a theme park in West Auckland.  I recall riding the roller coaster a dozen times straight with a high school friend just to see if we could – those were the days.  Aucklanders will know that the grounds, in Te Atatu North, are now a housing development on the edge of the Waitemata Harbour.  I guess they aren’t grazing ponies there any more.

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